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Summer vacation operation strategies for kid amusement facilities in scenic spots

The scenic spot has functions such as visit, vacation, entertainment and fitness, and has corresponding tourism service facilities and provides tourism services. Kid amusement facilities in scenic spots are provided tours and entertainment activities for children. How can we seize the opportunity to increase revenue of the scenic spot in the peak season of operation?

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1. Safety and hygiene is the basic work that the scenic spot needs to do well, and it is also an important work. During the summer vacation, the passenger flow is relatively large. In addition to basic sanitation and cleaning, the kidamusement facilities in the scenic spotmust be disinfected and wiped every day. At the same time, the security devices of the kid amusement facilities shall be inspected and repaired in accordance with the regulations to ensure the safe operation of the facilities. The design of the venue should be reasonable. Emergency rescue measures, medical kits, drinking water, heatstroke rescue measures, etc. must be equipped.

2. The choice of kidamusement facilities in the scenic spot should be able to form a unified style with the landscape in the scenic spot, without a sense of abruptness or violation, and at the same time, it must have its own characteristics, which can attract the attention of children and gain their love. Kidamusement equipment should be updated in time to avoid a single type of old equipment.

3. During the summer vacation, when tourists come to the scenic spot to play, they need a pleasant and brisk environment. According to the natural environment characteristics and cultural accumulation of the scenic spot, we can create and arrange some atmospheres suitable for the summer vacation environment. And the space should be large, so as to attract more children to play at the same time.

4. During the summer vacation, in addition to publicity pages, balloons with logos, forwardingin the Moments, free trial play of some facilities, community marketing, group ticket discounts, posting on Abroad, etc., cross-border resourcesintegration from different industries can also be considered.

5. It is suggested that the scenic spot can do some preferential activities for kidamusement facilitiesto seize the opportunity showing the reputation and characteristics of their own facilities. For example, parent-child activities, intellectual education activities, gift-giving activities, and prize-catching activities can attract the attention and participation of children and parents.

Regardless of whether your scenic spot has already settled in the kid amusement facilities, it is recommended that you should combine the situation of the scenic spot and start from the current market situation of the children’s playground, seize the opportunity of the summer holiday, the peak passenger flow season, and formulate appropriate operation strategies to increase profits.



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