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Where to Set up Rainbow Slides?

Advantages of rainbow slides:

1. Beautiful appearance and rich colors,

2. Various game modes,

3. Not subject to any seasonal restrictions,

4. Easy installation and disassembly, low investment cost,

5. No temperature limit.

The Feedback Of Rainbow Slide From Our Philippine Client

Good place to set up rainbow slides:

1. Ski resorts

Traditional ski resorts can only be operated in winter, but setting up rainbow slides can not only beautify the on-site slopes, but make full use of the ski resort area, making the ski resort truly profitable in all seasons.

2. Main attractions farmhouses, characteristic towns, etc.

The real popularity of the rainbow slide rested on video software, and its dazzling colors and exciting gameplay quickly made it a popular ride. After the introduction of rainbow slides in scenic spots, resorts, ecological parks, farmhouses, characteristic towns, etc., they have attracted a large number of tourists, thus effectively increasing the popularity and profits of these places.

3. Park

The park has a large flow of people, which is conducive to the operation of rainbow slide. The unique advantages of rainbow slide make it a very good commercial project, and at the same time can become a symbol of parks.

4. Playground

The playground itself is a gathering place for entertainment equipment and facilities, which is more suitable for the use of rainbow slides and easier to attract tourists.

5. Hillside

The hillside has a certain slope, and the setting of the rainbow slide has corresponding geographical advantages. Tourists galloping down from the highest point of the hillside, giving people a feeling of tension and excitement, so it is loved by the majority of tourists.



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