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The advantages of mall playground

A shopping mall is a comprehensive place to eat, drink and play , and it usually  locates in a convenient and close to a regional center or busy commercial area.  Children’s parks in shopping malls often have numerous bus routes and ways for consumers to choose to facilitate customers to children’s parks.  

  1. Large customer flow Generally, large shopping malls have a lot of people coming and going every day. When it comes to holidays, the huge customer flow brings a large number of customers to the surrounding businesses and also brings a lot of users to the indoor children’s park.  Shopping malls have a strong attraction to consumers, so the customer flow of shopping malls is very sufficient.  
  2. Strong consumption Power. The main consumer groups of large shopping malls belong to the middle class and have certain consumption power, especially the consumption power of large shopping malls is much higher than that of ordinary streets.  

Large shopping malls should also attract children’s amusement parks, mainly to drive the flow of people. When attracting investment, certain concessions will be given to the investors.

  1. Publicity effect: To open an indoor children’s park in a large shopping mall, we can make use of the mature industrial chain of the shopping mall to engage in joint venture activities with businesses in other industries to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.  

The brand effect of the mall gives customers confidence in consumption, and there are big brands of maternal and child products stores, children’s clothing stores, with brand cluster effect.  The brand of the mall itself has promoted the children’s park invisibly.  

  1. Revenue budget.  Now, almost all large shopping malls have introduced a children’s format, including retail, entertainment, photography, theme parks and other categories targeted at children.  

Many businesses have also increased its ratio. The mall has a large flow of people and a large number of customer groups that can be converted. As long as the latter stage operation is done well, profit is very positive.  

In addition, although the investment cost of the mall is slightly higher, but from the point of view of income, the customer’s consumption power is strong, and the door pricing will be higher than average.  The children’s amusement park revenue is very considerable. So any interests please feel free to contact us for details. 



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