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The importance of daily maintenance of amusement equipment

When you operate amusement equipment business, daily maintenance is very essential,and what are the specific method to do daily maintenance? So that we can ensure the normal operation of the amusement equipment and the the safety of the passengers.

First of all, the maintenance of amusement equipment should be  carried out by the corresponding qualified amusement equipment maintenance unit or amusement equipment use unit to ensure the normal maintenance method and the quality is guaranteed.

Secondly, the maintenance of amusement equipment does not allow any form of subcontracting, safety management personnel and maintenance staff should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, by the special equipment safety supervision and management department examination, obtain the certificate of national special operation personnel, can engage in the corresponding operation or management work.

When the amusement equipment is maintained, the on-site staff shall not be less than two;Safety measures should be implemented on site during work.The service life of amusement equipment shall not be higher than the service life stipulated in relevant national laws and regulations or design review report.Large-scale amusement equipment exceeding the requirements of the number of years shall be updated or transformed by qualified units, and can be put into use after passing supervision and inspection.

Maintenance should be recorded and signed by relevant personnel.Signing is not for future accountability, but for everyone involved to act with a high degree of seriousness.



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