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What should you pay attention to when buying carousel ride?

When speaking of amusement equipment, everyone can list many kinds of equipment,but there is a classical amusement equipment that almost everyone will mention it, that is carousel ride. Then, what should you pay attention to when choosing carousel equipment?

First, the motor

 Motor is the core of the whole device,if the motor is not up to the scratch, a carousel may not be able to move when it is fully occupied by the  rated passengers.if forced to drive,the incidentally result is tire tire,motor capacitor burned out and other conditions. It is a very bad phenomenon for both customers and operators,on the one hand will affect the mood of customers, on the other hand will bring you a large sum of maintenance costs and operating losses.

Secondly, the electrical accessory

If the electrical accessory is not produced by a regular manufacturer,All aspects of the indicators can not reach, it will definitely affect the business operation. At the same time, check the warranty period of various accessories,The regular manufacturer’s warranty period is half a year, the warranty period of the accessories determines the manufacturer’s warranty period. If the manufacturer’s warranty period is higher than the warranty period of the accessories, this must be a false commitment, because no manufacturer will give you a free replacement outside the warranty period of the accessories.

Thirdly, drive link

 The transmission is an important part of the second only to motor, and this part of the core is connecting rod, two rows of carousel of ups and downs all support strength in the connecting rod, thus connecting rod parts must be able to adjust the imbalance of spinning the carousel, so as to avoid connecting rod broken due to unable to adjust.



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