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The Introduction Of Tourist Train

The trackless tourist train is generally composed of one locomotive and several cabins (the quantity of cabin can be customized as customer’s requirement), which can accommodate children and adults. Recently, it has been widely used in various places. With the development of society, the trackless train has become the first choice for scenic area. Meanwhile, it is also becoming more and more popular with people!


As the tourism developing quickly, the amusement rides industry is also increasing day by day. The birth of the trackless train has added a lot of color to the tourism. The emergence of trackless trains has attracted more tourists. At present, The usage of trackless train is becoming more and more widespread. It is mainly used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, parks, tourist attractions, pedestrian streets, zoos and other places.


So, how to make the best profit of trackless train? Statistically, in a large tourist attractions, one trackless train can be run 5 hours/one day at least. If charging for 10-15 dollars/one person, the daily income for 42-person trackless is 3,150 dollars. Therefore, for large tourist attractions, trackless tourist train is indispensable. Besides it promotes cultural exchanges as well while bringing benefits.



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