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The keys to building an outdoor playground

Before building an outdoor playground, the first thing to confirm is the theme, planning goals and target customer groups of the playground, and then proceed to the next step after confirmation.

1: Whether the device is attractive?

After the outdoor playground site is selected, the overall planning can be carried out according to the size of the site, mainly involving the type and color of the amusement equipment and the placement of the amusement equipment. When choosing equipment for outdoor children’s playgrounds, you should confirm whether the appearance and color are attractive. Only when the shape and color are well matched can the outdoor children’s playground be favored by more children. If the theme color matching of the playground and the placement of amusement equipment are too messy, it will affect consumers’ overall impression.

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2: Whether the plan is detailed enough?

When planning an outdoor children’s playground, equipment manufacturers will design according to factors such as demand and site area. The overall scheme design can be based on the regional culture of the local city, make full use of the overall advantages of the city, create a unique outdoor children’s playground, and make it a well-known place in the city.

3: Whether the selected manufacturer is reliable?

An excellent amusement equipment manufacturer first depends on whether the qualification of the enterprise is formal and legal, and whether the qualification procedures are complete. Then you need to understand the manufacturer’s evaluation, word of mouth and after-sales service. While choosing cooperation, it is also necessary to know whether the amusement equipment manufacturer will arrange staff to install and debug on site. Only manufacturers with complete post-service services are eligible.



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