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A brief introduction of the amusement equipment-big pendulum

The big pendulum is a kind of large-scale amusement equipment, which is commonly found in major amusement parks, playgrounds and large funfairs. Players sit in a circular cockpit, with shoulder pressure as a safety restraint, and seat belts as secondary insurance. While the cockpit rotates, the main shaft that hangs the cockpit makes a single pendulum motion under the drive of the motor. The big pendulum is a kind of spinning carnival rides, whose motion principle is imitating the clock pendulum. There is a circular platform fixed on the big arm. When the arm begin to swing, the circular platform begin to rotate at the same time and make riders on the pendulum feel a great sense of centrifugal. During the operation of the pendulum, visitors can experience 1~2 seconds weightlessness, as if the astronauts in space. The big pendulum is a large-scale entertainment equipment, so how to choose a suitable venue for it?

The venues that can operate large pendulum equipment generally include parks, playgrounds, squares, tourist areas and fairs. Sites such as parks, playgrounds, and squares are dedicated to operating amusement park equipment, so the rent is relatively high, and there are many operating projects, so the competition is fierce. Therefore, when renting this kind of venue, it is necessary to examine the number of tourists and formulate a reasonable ticket price to reduce investment risks. Venues such as fairs and tourist areas have a large passenger flow, so they are also suitable for operating large pendulums, but they face instability and seasonal limitations, which needs operators to be mentally prepared before investing.

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