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Unmissable details when purchasing indoor amusement equipment

Although there is a lot of room for development in today’s indoor theme parks, due to the uniqueness of children’s consumption, it is necessary to study from the deep-level children’s consumption psychology. Scientific planning and innovative management can make indoor amusement parks have a unique charm and thrive. Therefore, in order for the indoor theme parks to stand out in the fierce competition and become the leader in the industry, the correct operation mode and space planning are extremely important. How to operate and construct the correct indoor theme parks space? The following 5 aspects must not be ignored:

Core space: Parent-child interactive entertainment

Entertainment is the core of theme parks and the most basic function of indoor theme parks. Only with entertainment facilities, concepts, and activities can parents and children feel the greatest joy. Operators can combine fun parent-child interactive activities with new high-tech amusement equipment to spread happiness and infect every customer.

Educational space: Early education for children

Operators can create a “happy learning” mode in the indoor playground, so that children can take learning as an interest and it also wins the favor of parents with educational methods. For example, cartoon dolls can be used as teachers to interact closely with children and teach early education knowledge; operators need to constantly introduce special courses, introduce world scientific and innovative education concepts, and let children strengthen their knowledge through entertainment.

Service space: Family service

The indoor theme park provides each family with the most first-class and most convenient one-stop service to improve customer stickiness and satisfaction.

Performance space: Uncovering children’s potential

The performance space is to integrate and design the entire theme park into a large stage concept, and set a unique full-field lighting change program and theme music, and control the lighting and music changes of the entire park through the control room ,which turns the entire theme park into an oversized SHOW field during performance moments. Let children fully display their talents, shape their own personality, give full play to their strengths, and cultivate their comprehensive ability of “morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor” in an all-round way.

Sales space: Add extra income

The sales space is a series of derivatives designed by the new generation of indoor theme parks according to the theme style and stories, including educational toys, interesting books, mother and baby products, etc. Here parents can choose any daily necessities, preschool teaching aids, creative gifts, etc. they want. Printing the logo and the introduction of the indoor theme park in these products can not only promote the indoor playground well and enhance the brand’s communication power, but also better increase the income of the children’s playground.



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