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What are the classifications of unpowered amusement equipment?

The advantages of unpowered amusement equipment include: high safety factor, low starting cost, long service cycle, low maintenance cost, strong entertainment, good interaction, etc., so it is widely liked by parents and children and attracts many investment entrepreneurs. So, what are the classifications of common unpowered amusement equipment?

Type 1: Community unpowered amusement equipment

This type of unpowered amusement equipment is installed in the community. It is mainly used for leisure and entertainment for residents of the community. Most of this kind of unpowered amusement equipment is scattered in the community, and most of the unpowered amusement equipment in the community is composed of basic unpowered equipment such as climbing nets, slides, wooden stakes, rocking horses, etc. The characteristics of these amusement equipment are relatively leisure, safety, and physical enhancement.

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Type 2: Scenic spots unpowered amusement equipment

This type of unpowered amusement equipment is installed in the scenic spots. There are two main kinds of unpowered amusement equipment in scenic spots, which are used for tourists to play and rest. Rest-type unpowered amusement equipment is suggestive, often accompanied by signs that remind tourists that they can rest. Generally, there are swings, outdoor stakes, slides and other amusement equipment. The other is mainly composed of slides combination, rainbow dry snow slides, bouncing clouds and other equipment, mainly for parents and children to play.

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Type 3: Park unpowered amusement equipment

Everyone will be familiar with the unpowered amusement equipment in the park. This kind of amusement equipment is more interesting, and their design will be very clever and intertwined with the beauty of the park. Most park unpowered amusement equipment has various functions and gameplay, because they have to meet the needs of many users, such as magic jungle net, ground jumps, swings, stakes, outdoor slides, and more. These devices are usually have strong entertainment and good interaction.

Type 4: Kindergarten unpowered amusement equipment

Nowadays, kindergartens are equipped with unpowered amusement equipment. The overall design in kindergartens is very ingenious, which is both aesthetic and educational. Generally, kindergartens are equipped with such amusement equipment, which is mainly used to develop children’s intelligence and cultivate their teamwork ability, so they will prefer outdoor sports.

The above is the classification of unpowered amusement equipment. Compared with mechanical amusement equipment with frequent safety accidents, unpowered amusement equipment that is environmentally friendly and safe and is more popular among consumers and entrepreneurs!



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