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What are the brake setting requirements of outdoor amusement equipment?

Braking device is an important part of outdoor amusement park facilities, when there is sudden power failure or emergency situation, the device must be equipped with automatic or manual emergency braking device.For example, the hand brake is installed on both sides of the body of the scooter (such as green worm pulley);Kart brake is installed in the rear end of the gearbox shaft, through the brake shaft to force the driving wheel to stop.

Amusement facilities depending on the form of movement, speed and structure of the different.Use different braking methods and brake structures (such as mechanical, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual, etc.).

When the ride is running, if the power source is cut off or the brake control is interrupted, ensure that the ride can be stopped safely.

The braking force of the braking device should be set according to the actual situation, which should not cause safety problems and equipment damage.The force applied to the handle of the hand-controlled actuator shall be 100 N 200 N.

The components of the brake should have sufficient strength (if necessary, the fatigue strength should be checked).The brake stroke of the brake device should be adjustable.

The braking device should be stable and reliable, and should not make passengers feel obvious impact or make the equipment structure have obvious vibration and shaking.When there is no passenger restraint device, the absolute value of braking acceleration is generally not more than 5.0m /s2 under normal operating conditions.If necessary, deceleration brake device can be added.

Brake device is widely used in outdoor amusement park amusement facilities, it is also one of the daily inspection and maintenance items of outdoor amusement park amusement facilities, inspectors need to understand and learn relevant knowledge in advance, in the inspection and maintenance to ensure the normal use of brake device, so that to ensure the safety of the passengers.



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