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What are the more parts of a luxury carousel than a simple one?

When we compare luxury carousel ride with simple carousel ride, we can always find that there are many difference, such the design structure, exterior and lighting are always different. Just like the roughcast house and the deluxe room, the decoration is becoming more and more luxury with the rapid development of the economy. Thus we said that the more parts of the luxury carousel rides than simple ride are its structure and decoration. Now, let us discuss the detail difference between them.

The structure of the luxury carousel have more skeletons to bear the weight of the equipment, only these extra structure can bear the weight of the FRP. In addition, the rotation mode of luxury is also different, thus, it should add some new rotation mode to he luxury carousel ride.  Many luxury carousel are equipped with rotary support, however, the simple ride is usually driven by underground tires. In addition, the luxury carousel baking process is also more complex than simple carousel ride.



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