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The safety of kids amusement equipment is fundamental

If the manufacturers of kids amusement facilities want to have a better development in the society, what they should consider is the problem of product quality and whether there will be safety problems in operation. Now let’s see what problems they should consider if they are based on the market.

First, Safety principle

Children are vulnerable groups, so safety has to be put in the first place in the design of children’s amusement facilities. The site selection of children’s activity venues should be as far as possible from the vehicle lanes and public places with chaotic surrounding environment, complex personnel and high mobility. In addition, attention should be paid to the intersection of activity equipment and the safety of detailed design of children’s amusement facilities. Dangerous protrusions (such as nails and bolts), extrusion points, sharp edges, sharp corners and holes that may jam children’s heads and fingers should be avoided to avoid accidental injuries during activities.

Second , the child-oriented principle

The design of children’s amusement facilities should be aimed at serving children. The design of various activity Spaces and the arrangement of game facilities should conform to the physical characteristics and activity scale of children groups.

Third. The principle of edutainment

Children’s amusement facilities should take into account the diverse needs of children’s activities. The design should integrate participation, diversity, knowledge and interest to create a relaxed, natural and functional activity place for children and give them certain cultural connotation.



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