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What are the problems in the operation of small amusement equipment?

There are various kinds of amusement equipment, and with the continuous development, the number of amusement equipment operators is also increasing, but there are problems in the operation, so what are the problems in the operation of small amusement equipment?

1. Problems

Regulatory gaps exist. Swing cars, small trains and children’s bouncy castles are small children’s entertainment facilities, which are not high-altitude and high-speed amusement facilities, so they are not under the supervision of the Quality Supervision Bureau. There are children’s amusement equipment at the gates of many communities and on both sides of the road, all of which are operated without qualifications, and are managed independently by private owners.

2. There are hidden dangers in facility management. Amusement parks should generally be equipped with two to three professional staff to ensure the safe operation of the park. However, the owner is only responsible for off-site charges, and is not responsible for the care of children in the field, and lacks awareness of safety precautions.

3. Poor sanitary conditions and dirty amusement equipment are common. Regarding the sanitation and disinfection of amusement facilities, each operatorhas different practices, and some have the phenomenon of long-term non-cleaning and non-disinfection, which is easy to cause the breeding of germs and lead to the infection of children’s diseases.

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1. Strengthen health and safety supervision. According to the requirements, the health supervision and management department should regularly inspect the sanitation of children’s amusement facilities in large shopping malls, supermarkets and public places. At the same time, mandatory measures have been introduced in terms of safety standards, cleanliness and hygiene.

2. Formulate a strict system for the operation of children’s playgrounds. For the current lack regulatory, perfect laws, regulations and technical standards should be set, supervision should be strengthened on business access procedures, and the business management system should be gradually standardized.

3. Strengthen safety education for children. Children are not clear about the risk factors in the environment, have poor avoidance ability, and are prone to bruises, falls and sprains during games. Parents should repeatedly explain to their children and constantly pay attention to observation. If theyfindsomething wrong, stop it in time to prevent accidents from happening.



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