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What details must be paid attention to when designing an amusement park?

Whether the design of amusement park is reasonable directly determines the income of the amusement park. In the design process of the amusement park, we need to consider various factors and make a careful choice.What issues should be considered in designing the playground?

  1. Meetchildren’s needs

It is important to understand children’s play equipment and their needs.Children have the right to play, to see pleasant colors in the game, to experience the pleasure of the game and to obtain the happiness of knowledge.

  1. Age groups

Who is your target age group?What age group needs to be considered?Determine which age groups the playground will serve. This is a crucial process in planning a playground.To build a fully functional playground, it is necessary to take into account the different needs of children of different ages and their stage of development.

  1. Objective conditions of the site

Define the area and boundary of the playground.Pay special attention to those objective factors that may affect the placement of amusement facilities, such as watercourses, obstacles, lamp posts, etc.

  1. Entrance and exit of the site

The location of the playground must take into account the surrounding traffic conditions. Is it convenient to ride bicycles or skateboards in the playground, and is it convenient to carry strollers or wheelchairs?

  1. Equipment placement and color

Light, shadow, sun, wind and so on must be taken into account.Another important factor is the color of the site.The influence of color on children is obvious, bright and cheerful colors will bring children happy mood.



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