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What problems should be paid attention to when choosing children’s slides?

Children’s outdoor amusement slides are their fun partners in childhood and even the main body in outdoor amusement parks. Parents not only pay attention to the safety and quality of outdoor amusement equipment, but also have strict requirements on the environment and functions of the amusement equipment. Under the demand of the market, people who purchase amusement equipment also have a stricter view on product value. So what are the problems that need to be paid attention to when choosing children’s slides?

1: Meet the physical and psychological needs of children

Outdoor amusement equipment should meet children’s own physical characteristics and inner activities, such as children’s height, weight and age, because children at different stages need different functions of play equipment. For example, younger children should use experience-type amusement equipment with a smaller difficulty factor, and the slope and length of children’s slides should be as gentle and short as possible. For older children, a combined type of children’s slide can be used to combine various exercise equipment such as climbing, drilling, and sliding, so that the equipment can be more suitable for children’s needs.

2: Pay attention to the safety measures of slides

Children’s physical fitness is lower than that of adults, so more attention should be paid to the safety of amusement equipment. The first is the installation location of children’s slides, which should be far away from the roadside to prevent safety accidents. When installing the amusement slide, it is also necessary to pay attention to the details of the slide. For example, the sharp corner structure cannot appear, and the gap of the outdoor amusement equipment should not be larger than the width of the finger to prevent pinching.

3: Build a play place that entertains and educates

Children’s slide is not only a game, but also the cultivation of their physical coordination and various abilities. When communicating with friends, social interaction can also be enhanced through the game process. Under different scenes, it cam exercise children’s cognitive direction. Therefore, for an outdoor amusement equipment, we must pay attention to the participation, diversity and fun, so we should create a place for children to interact and play.




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