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Where can small outdoor playgrounds be located?

With the development of the city, basically there will be a well-equipped children’s playground at intervals, which may be scenic spots, parks, kindergartens, real estate blocks or other outdoor locations. Where are the best locations for small outdoor children’s playgrounds for profit?

1: Commercial block area

The city is developing very fast, and there will basically be a commercial block around the community, which happens to be the location for the development of small outdoor children’s playgrounds. For example, children’s playgrounds can be developed in squares in the neighborhood, next to large supermarkets, or in communities. Because of the dense flow of people, it is basically the ultimate place in everyone’s daily life, so the advantage of attract customers for amusement parks is obvious. You can do more promotion activities on weekdays to maintain daily marketing.

2: Leisure square area

Where can small outdoor children’s playgrounds be located? For example, the areas like leisure squares or roadsides are very suitable for small movable amusement facilities, because they are small in size and can swing at will, which is very convenient for operators. More importantly, small amusement equipment is affordable, low in cost, and there are a wide variety of amusement equipment to choose from.

3: Enter in the amusement park area

The progress of the city has driven the development of many industrial parks. We can take this opportunity to enter stores and develop more distinctive children’s amusement parks. The advantage of choosing a park lies in the introduction of its own traffic and the advantages of visual effects. If there is a set of high-value and high-interest amusement equipment in the park, it can attract more people to come to play.

To sum up, which location a small outdoor children’s playground can choose depends on the person and the cost. The cost considered by different investment plans is significantly different, and the rental cost of the site accounts for about 30% of all investment, so choosing a good location carefully is not only to save costs for yourself, but also to pave the way for the operation plan of your site. 



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