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What should be done for the sanitation of large amusement facilities?

Now there are a lot of large amusement facilities, large amusement facilities should not only consider safety, but also consider sanitation and cleanliness, so for large amusement facilities, what skills should be mastered in terms of sanitation and maintenance?

  1. The PVC cloth and glass fiber of children’s recreation facilities can be soaked with soap water, disinfection laundry powder, bleach powder and other dilution, then scrubbed with a soft cloth or a soft brush, then washed with clean water, and dried with a clean cloth or dried in the sun.Spray it with disinfectant.
  2. Moisture-resistant, heat-resistant and fadeless wooden parts can be washed with soap and dried, then sprayed with disinfectant to disinfect them.
  3. If the metal part is required to rust, you can use a brush to remove floating rust, wipe with a dry cloth;After insolating in the sun, you can buy colorless self spray paint about 20 cm away, sweep side spray, to dry after spraying again, play a protective role.Paint dry, then clean, dry, disinfection.
  4. When cleaning the electric circuit and electrical department of large amusement facilities, make sure that the power is cut off and do not irrigate. Generally, wipe with wet cloth and connect the power after it is dried thoroughly.
  5. If large rides get water on rainy days, be sure to drain the water and dry it.
  6. If not used for a long time, fold, bundle, and pack clean equipment.


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