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What Types of Bumper Cars are?

Bumper car is a kind of small and medium-sized amusement equipment. There are usually two people in the car, with pedals for acceleration and steering wheel. It is driven on a specific venue and collides with cars for fun. Bumper cars are divided into skynet bumper cars, ground grid bumper cars, and battery bumper cars.

bumper cars

Skynet bumper cars: In the history of bumper cars, this kind of bumper car has brought people countless joys and left precious memories. Because a conductive plate is hung above the bumper car, it is inconvenient to decorate, and it will spark due to high working voltage. So now there are fewer and fewer businesses using skynet bumper cars.

Ground grid bumper cars: This kind of bumper car also belongs to the electric net bumper car, but the main difference is ground grid cars draws from the conductive floor, there are two pieces of conductive brushes under the bumper car body, when it has been set properly, two of mounted opposite polarities strips will be covered. This make a complete circuit and this is how ground grid bumper cars works.

Battery bumper cars: It is an amusement project that uses the battery as the power source and the motor drives the battery. For investors, the battery bumper car does not need to lay the floor in the early stage like the ground grid bumper car, but only need to be a flat ground. It is not easy to scatter sparks like the skynet bumper car, so it’s safer. With these advantages, since the launch of this device, it has become an amusement project with a high market share in major parks, squares, communities and other places.




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