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Leswing Car

Leswing car is a kind of small amusement equipment which can take two people. It can be seen in squares and parks. It has a bright FRP shell, with a motor on the each side, making it more flexible, including 360-degree rotation on the spot. The large-capacity battery can support the car to run for 6-8 hours, which is enough to meet the daily business needs. Dinis is the first choice for buying the leswing car. There are following four reasons:

Happy Leswing Car

1. Product customization
Dinis equips customers with reasonable and competitive themed products and various unique products to make the project more attractive. At the same time, it can also provide ancillary products required for operation to meet the one-stop procurement needs.

2. Profitable plan design

We communicate with customers to understand the local project operation environment, form a market analysis plan, and formulate a reasonable project planning plan based on the specific needs of customers. Then professionals visit the customer site to provide professional guidance on site selection and planning. At the same time, assist customers to expand various types of profit points and enhance the overall competitiveness of the project.

3. After-sales service support
Technical guidance will come to guide the installation and debugging, ensure the smooth operation of the product, and provide technical support throughout the repair and maintenance of the product; after the end of the operation, they will guide the product to disassemble, pack, and store it to ensure the follow-up operation of the product.

4. Project operation guidance
We formulate unique promotion plans for customers that are in line with the project market environment, guide the orderly operation, and provide greater profit guarantee. In addition, Zhengzhou DinisAmusement will regularly hold project operation management training courses to ensure the professionalism of management personnel.

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