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Amusement equipment improves children’s ability in interpersonal intelligence

As an important aspect of human intelligence structure, interpersonal communication has received more and more attention in modern society. To cultivate children with certain interpersonal skills, establish harmonious interpersonal relationships, and learn to cooperate and coexist with others has become one of the important goals of education today.

Around the age of 3, children enter kindergarten from their families and begin to contact collective life, which expands the scope of interpersonal communication. Children begin to transition from self-centered individuals to being social people.

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The gradual transformation from a biological individual to a social individual is the process of realizing individual socialization. This period is also a critical period for children to learn emotional expression, develop sympathy, and initially learn interpersonal skills such as negotiation, cooperation, and sharing. If they don’t learn at this time, the remedy when grow up will be twice the result with half the effort.

According to the basic activity for children in this period, amusement equipment is a good way to cultivate children’s interpersonal skills, and plays an extremely important role in the process of their individual socialization. Amusement facilities are loved by children because of their rich and interesting game items, and are one of the commonly used props for children’s outdoor games. Therefore, it is possible to provide children with games that help develop interpersonal communication through the design of amusement facilities, so as to better promote the development of their interpersonal intelligence.

The implementation of interpersonal skills training must have the following two basic points: First, the communication between people cannot be separated from a certain group, and collective training is the basic criterion for interpersonal skills education; second, the process of interpersonal communication cannot be separated from a certain society background.

Amusement facilities can meet the above two points. On the one hand, since they are mostly public facilities in a public setting, they must be shared with others. On the other hand, outdoor children’s amusement equipment is essentially an outdoor game prop, which can provide children with a social occasion for entertainment.



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