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Bumper car venue selection points

Bumper cars are one of the most popular amusement equipment for tourists in the amusement parks. It is simple in operation and maintenance and have quick returns, so it is also the main choice for investors and operators. When placing bumper cars, try to put vehicles of the same model together to avoid too much difference in size, so as to prevent loss of balance in the event of a collision.

Kids Battery Bumper Car

Requirements for site selection:

1. You must choose a flat and smooth venue, like flat cement floor, tile floor, marble floor, etc.Cracks or gaps on the ground will cause poor riding comfort, and may also cause malfunction or damage to electronic components, and may also cause damage to the frame, breakage of the motor output shaft, and rupture of the wheels.Rough ground can easily cause excessive wear of the wheels, and the replacement frequency of the wheels, especially the driving wheels, will increase accordingly.

2. The venue should be level, and the slope should not exceed 10 degrees. If the slope is too large, it is easy to cause the bumper car to go uphill slowly, and the speed is too fast to control when going downhill.

3. There should be no ditches or pools around the site. When there are ditches and pools, comprehensive protective measures must be taken to avoid damage to vehicles and dangerous accidents.

4. The area of the business site is not as large as possible. The maximum usable area of each bumper car is not more than 10 square meters, and the minimum is not less than 5 square meters. It is best to have a dedicated inflatable fence or guardrail to delineate the business site to prevent pedestrians from entering and colliding with vehicles and being injured, thereby avoiding economic losses.

5. There should be no sharp metal edges on the ground or around the business site to prevent sharp objects from damaging the car body and the inflatable ring.

6. For snow venues, merchants can choose the ice bumper cars recommended by the manufacturer, and install special bumper car motor tires on ice to ensure the fun and safety of customers.



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